Father microwaved baby

Are you kidding me?  A father would really do this and try to plead insanity. 

Joshua Mauldin put his  2-month-old daughter, Ana, in a hotel microwave for 10 to 20 seconds last May while her mother and grandmother were away.  Jurors found him guilty of felony injury to a child.  I sure hope they would.  He can get probation to life for this.  Would it not be nice if the world was different?

My solution:  How about putting him in a microwave for a few hours and let him feel the intense pain of burning?  I know, I know.  We are not able to do that.  How someone can hurt a child is beyond me.  Children are precious.  Sure, they all get on our nerves at times, but inflicting pain?  Come on!

Pleading insanity, I guess he would have to.  My real solution is that he deserves punishment for his crime.  I hope he gets life without parole for sure.  I know people argue over the death penalty, so I will not go there.  However, I think this man deserves as harsh of a punishment that the law will allow.

The Solutionist.


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