I am sure this post will touch home with many people.  Is America obese?  I think the answer is yes.

Why, we ask ourselves?  The answer is right in front of our face.  We are in a hurry.  We do not sit down and have dinner with our families because we have too many errands to run.  We stop at fast food places or run into a restaurant and most of us do not pick healthy foods.

You hear all the time of scams and gimmicks to help us lose weight.  Does it work?  Nine out of ten times, I say that it does not.  If you take diet pills, sure they work for a while, but the weight comes back.  So, you ask yourself how are you going to lose weight?  The answer is simple and I have the solution.

We all need to get up and get off of our lazy tails.  Work out!  Quit sitting at your desk all day at work and then coming home to lay on the couch and watch television.  Quit muching and eat healthier.  If you want a snack, snack on vegetables.  Quit grabbing the chips and soda. 

If you walk or run a mile a day, and lift a small amount of weights, you will lose weight.  Sure, it will take a while and take discipline.  You can do it though.  We all can.  A little bit of working out every single day will help you lose weight.

Quit running through the fast food joints and picking out hamburgers and fries to eat.  It always amazes me for someone to super size their hamburger meal and then order a diet soda.  That is hilarious.  Yes, I have done it myself.  If you think about it, you order a diet soda because it is less fattening.  We are trying at least, but that hamburger blows it away for us all.

Is our children obese?  Yes!  We are too!  Get outside and play ball with your kids and run with them.  Consider it part of your work out.  Now, get out there and lose some weight.  I am tired of seeing obese episodes running on the television saying America is obese.

The Solutionist


One response to “Obesity

  1. Nicely said. Looks like you have a nice blog going on here. I intend to come back.

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