Home prices falling…

I sure am glad that they spelled this one out for us.  We as American’s already know that the economy is getting bad.  We have stopped purchasing so much because we are broke.  People are being layed off, gas prices are killing us, and how about those taxes?  They wonder why U.S. home prices are falling, well, here is your answer.

We, as American’s, are smarter than you think we are.  We all know that we have to save our money for the hard times to come.  Half of us do not know if our jobs will be there next week or not.  We watch Bob and Sally walk through the front doors of our company knowing that we could be the next people to walk out from being layed off.

Furthermore, I am sick of hearing about high gas prices.  We all know it is high.  We are the one’s having to pay for it.  It really stinks!  We hate it!  We have been trying to cut down on our driving, not to mention our Sunday drives.  We all are stuck in the house.  Sit back and think about how often you see family’s playing in their front yards when you drive by.  It is because we all are broke!

Small business owner’s are filing bankrupt and homeowner’s are too.  Are we heading for another Great Depression?  I surely hope not.  I am saving all the money I can right now.

I will almost always have a solution for everything I discuss.  Here is your solution to this problem.

Do not buy a home (which most of are not) unless you can afford the payment.  Do not count on your job to be there for you constantly.  Quit listening to expert’s in this and that….be your own expert.  If you cannot afford something, then do not buy it.  Sure, we all want the nicer things in life, but…that does not mean that we all can afford it. 

If gas prices are really killing you, stop complaining and go buy a cheaper car.  Trade your gas hog in and find one that has better gas mileage.  It is really pretty simple.  Think about it.

I hope find this excerpt interesting.  I will have much more to say, so check back in daily.  I welcome all comments. 

The Solutionist


3 responses to “Home prices falling…

  1. Could not have said it better myself.

  2. Keep up the good work. Nice post and very true.

  3. I like your view points. This blog may prove to be very interesting.

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