Race in high heels

Garrett A. Dalton of Naugatuck, CT. has been charged with workers compensation fraud.  Prosecutors say a video shows him, a correction officer, running a 40-yard-dash in women’s clothing and high heels — at a time he had claimed he was too injured to work.  He’s accused of taking part in a radio station’s contest for Hannah Montana concert tickets last year. Not only did he have to dress in drag but he had to carry an egg on a spoon.

Did he win?  No!   Ha Ha Ha!

This news story really tickled me.  How ignorant can you be?  This is my stupid news of the day!

My solution:  If you are going to claim worker’s comp, then at least act like your injured.  You cannot go out there and enter contests that will show you are not injured.  Oh my!  If you are going to lie about it, then you at least have to live it.  He collected more than $5,000 in workers’ compensation.  If he liked her so much, then he should have just bought the Hannah Montana tickets.   Idiot!

The Solutionist


3 responses to “Race in high heels

  1. I will have to agree with you on this. What an idiot!

  2. I love your blog. I think you have good solution’s. 🙂

  3. Real idiot.

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