More flight cancellations

American Airlines and Delta Air Lines canceled hundreds more flights today while inspecting wiring on MD-80, MD-88 planes.  Analysts say that it would not hurt the airlines financially.  They said the costs would pale in comparison to high fuel prices.

In no way was safety compromised, but the (FAA) directive said ’Do it this way,”’ said American spokesman Tim Smith.

At American, inspectors from the airline and the Federal Aviation Administration focused on fixing the spacing between cords used to secure bundles of wires in the auxiliary hydraulic systems of its MD-80 aircraft.

The largest number of cancellations, 42, were departures from Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, with another 22 departures scrubbed at Chicago O’Hare, Smith said.

My solution:  It is better to travel by car than plane.  Of course, I have flown in an airplane, but it was only a case of flying across America and I had no choice.  Who knows if we can rely on the airlines to keep flying after 911.  In any case, you better have an alternate plan to travel.

The Solutionist.


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