LIfe is too short

This post will be just a little different from my other posts.  I will give you my solution as I go, instead of at the end of the post.

Quit hurrying through life, life is too short.

Stop speeding to get where you are going, life is too short.

Be courteous, loving, and caring around others, life is too short.

Never go to bed or leave angry, life is too short.

Think about how many deaths you hear about in obituaries, news, or from someone you know.  Could you imagine if a doctor told you that you had two weeks to live?  If he did, what would you do?

You would try to put your life in order, make amends with people you have hurt, and tell other’s that you love them.  I know I would.  Plus, you may even do a few things that you have always wanted to do!

The whole point of this post is to make you realize what you have in life.  Sit back and enjoy life.  Quit rushing around and take in what you have, and most definitely, enjoy time with your loved ones.  You never know when you will be taking your last breath.

The Solutionist


One response to “LIfe is too short

  1. So deep and correct. We do need to slow down. Like your other posts as well. You should go far in the blog world.

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