Madonna wants to save Britney.

Isn’t that so sweet from a woman who practically robbed the cradle?  How could we forget that these two women practically had a “thing” between them on national television.

Madonna said, “They need to step off,” she told the “Yo on E!” satellite radio show. “For real … Let’s go save her.”

Awww, Madonna is sticking up for her girlfriend?  Way to stand beside the woman you love, Madonna.

My solution:  I am sure that Britney is embarrassed of her public humiliation, but come on, anyone that shows her private parts to the world wants to be seen.  If Britney wants everyone to leave her alone, then she needs to stay out of the spotlight and lay low!

The Solutionist


One response to “Madonna wants to save Britney.

  1. These two women are disgusting.

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