Mary Kate and Ashley, fighting.

Sad, but true.  The two sister’s are fighting over their fortune.

Resourcer’s say that the two were fighting over cutting their parents out of their business, Dualstar Entertainment.  “Mary-Kate had some real issues with the family after they put her in rehab. But now she feels like that may have colored her decision to cut them out of Dualstar. Mary-Kate now regrets her decision — on the other hand, Ashley thinks it was the right move. That’s what Mary-Kate and Ashley mainly fight about.” 

Oh yea, their fighting about selling their condo in New York also.

My solution:  First, I wish I had their money.  Second, if I did, I for sure would not argue with my sister over it.  Proven fact: Money is the root of all evil.  Take it as it is – look at what it is doing to these two sister’s who was once closer than most sibling’s.  I am not saying that I would not like to have the opportunity to find out for myself, because I would.  Who would not want that kind of money.  I am saying that I would not let it ruin any relationship that I had between my family.  The two of them need to say, “this much is yours, and this much is mine.”  Split it.  They both earned it.  Furthermore, they need their own separate condos.  Everyone needs their own space.  There, one problem solved.  You cannot live with someone without arguing with them.

The Solutionist 


One response to “Mary Kate and Ashley, fighting.

  1. princess kiara

    they shouldnt fight bout the foruune but if they are, things r really going 2 get messy

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