Dumb bank robber leaves ID at bank

A would-be bank robber came away empty-handed but left behind something useful for police: her photo identification. The woman was arrested less than an hour later on a charge of attempted armed robbery, Police Commissioner William Dwyer said.

The woman filled out an account application Thursday morning, then pulled a handgun and demanded cash, Dwyer said. She panicked and fled without getting any money; police found an address on the account application, along with her photo ID.

The address was for an apartment near the bank. The manager gave the woman’s new address to police, who arrested her without incident.

“We’re probably not dealing with the smartest person in the world,” Dwyer told The Detroit Newsfor a story published online Thursday.

My solution:  Should I say anything?  Moron! I assume she was nervous about the robbery, but come on.  Leaving your ID and address for the police to find.  She deserves to rot in jail for being stupid. If she were just a little bit smarter, she would have created a fake ID and address.  Or…how about writing down fake information?  This s my stupid news for the day.  She gets a merit for being a complete idiot!

The Solutionist


5 responses to “Dumb bank robber leaves ID at bank

  1. Are you kidding me? Some people are so stupid.

  2. Funny story, thanks for posting it.

  3. ha ha ha… see some people arent born to rob

  4. Well this is nothing compared to fact that some one sold a “ghost in a jar” one time in ebay

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