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Is Dr. Phil’s days numbered?

As Dr. Phil helped Britney Spears, I thought that would have been the end of him since America has looked down on Britney.  Now, the host and his show is under scrutiny for posting $30,000 bail for Mercades Nichols, one of the eight teens arrested for severely beating another teenager in Florida.  Dr. Phil’s show issued a statement saying “certain staff members went beyond our guidelines (re: the bail being paid).

My solution:  So the question remains, “Is Dr. Phil’s days numbered?”  It looks like it to me.  He publicly claimed that he would help Britney, but that was a lost cause.  I think Britney cannot be helped.  One down for Dr. Phil.  Now, he wants to help another “lost cause.”  This goes back to my last post about children of America needing to be disciplined more. 

I believe Dr. Phil is reaching.  He wants more ratings, and with him trying to reach out to these children, he will get it.  But, has America had enough?  Most everyone I know is sick of Britney, I myself am.  With him helping Nichols, I believe this is a wrong move for Dr. Phil.  Dr. Phil should be helping the victim, not the beater.

The Solutionist.